Dr. Henry Shovic is a member of the Department of Ecology at Montana State University, Bozeman, MT, Shovic Associates, LLC, and the Rocky Mountain Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit in Missoula, MT.

Creating an Environment for Problem Solving:

Project Services and Applied Resource Geography/Remote Sensing/GIS/Decision Support



Examples of Earlier Projects by Subject Area

Note that all documents and images are reduced in size for ease of downloading,

and are of lower quality compared to the originals.

Watershed Evaluation and Restoration in Afghanistan in support of Irrigation Projects

Yellowstone National Park publication list

Soil Surveys, Ecological and Geologic Mapping

Recreation and Visitor Use, Grazing/Wildlife, and Invasives projects

Reclamation, Restoration, Revegetation projects

Cultural, Archeological, Wetlands, Law Enforcement, and Watershed projects

Soils and Wildfire: Support to Resource Management

Modeling, Programming, Database Development, and Remote Sensing

Maps and Presentation Graphics

GIS commendation letter from disaster response organization


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